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Enterprise value: integrity, unity, innovation, a total surplus

The Honesty: honesty for trust; to keep honest and trustworthy for. To the regulatory authorities, to the shareholders, to customers, to employees, we insist on the integrity and pragmatic. It is not advisable to fish. Customers are our friends, our work must be standing in the customer's position.

Unity: We interdependence and solidarity laser gun sight, we forgive one another, shared responsibility, unity and the power of our mutual superposition, so that the healthy functioning of our organization, effective communication and collaboration will have unparalleled strength; this power enable us to overcome all difficulties, magic weapon to achieve the final victory. Also means that we always bear in mind that the local obedience to the whole, the individual obedience team, only sincere cooperation, in order to achieve our common goal.

The Innovation: water does not rot, a door-hinge is never worm-eaten, continuous learning and innovation is the key for us to maintain a competitive advantage. Perseverance is to carry forward cultural innovation is an important factor, innovation requires long-term adherence and accumulation; must continue to break the shackles of the habit of thinking, eager to explore new ideas, the courage to try new methods. In the process of innovation, we are not afraid of difficulties and failures laser and light combo, because we know that if the fear of difficulties and failure and not to innovate, that is the real failure;

Total surplus: surplus full, who profit win, everyone hope oneself become the winner, but the winner no shortcuts, so we advocate "do do Ying", as long as the attitude is not discounted, standard work does not discount, in order to become a real winner; enterprises are well aware that every bit of the result is collective wisdom and diligence. We want to with all members, including shareholders, customers, employees, partners, social share a mission results and shared the grand vision of passion.