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1 take the customer as the center is the basic starting point of modern marketing concept, a customer as the center, is to customers around the theme to carry out our work, examine our words and deeds strobe laser and light, system, environment, and continuously improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, so that customers agree with our service. 2 do two things: one is the consciousness: every staff must take the customer as the center concept, to form a customer-centric corporate culture; two is the action: in the work, the staff will represent our respect for customers, to the attention of the customer, this is the key. 3 for the sincere tactical laser device, honest, stand in the customer's point of view. Each person 4 companies will face the customer, have a strong customer service consciousness. 5 for new customers the costs is to keep an old customer of 6 times, visible retain old customers, strengthen customer care management, win customers "loyalty" is our work a key 6 customers are our greatest authority, the customer is our master laser blinding flashlight, the client determines the survival and development of our customers is our lifeline. 7 the essence of our work is to encourage our customers, but also the duties, responsibilities more than everything.